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    Our History

    LEAF academy is a sister concern of Lanka Pacific Academy, who enjoy an established presence in the field of aviation. It was born of the long-time dream of its Managing Director to start a film & television academy in Sri Lanka. Encouraged by friends and family, much effort was put in fulfilling her dream in 2016. The efforts paid off of by finding the right team from India and Sri Lanka, who have decades of experience in the field of film & television.

    With the team’s expertise and advice LEAF ACADEMY OF FILM & TELEVISION started its process of creating course modules that give the students comprehensive knowledge and training in film and television.



Diploma in Film & Television

Duration: 8 months (Saturdays 10am to 1pm) 

Students will be able to understand: the function and operation of a film and television production office; on-set procedures; and the production process from pre- to post-production. Students will also recognize the roles, responsibilities and procedures...

Course Highlights

• Gain skills and techniques in Film and Television Industry

• Hands on experience gained through production exercises throughout course

• Training experience in production companies in Sri Lanka and India

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Television Anchoring

Duration: 3 months (1 day a week, on weekends) 

Anchoring is not standing in front of the camera in a glamorous way and saying whatever you think with an accent. It is about steering a discussion, pacifying an outburst and controlling the program. It is important to have presence of mind and a fine wit to keep situations under control. He or she has to be familiar with the technology, learn the terminology and be conversant with the medium. One also learns about communications techniques, language use, and proper use of intonation, stress, pause, expression, voice modulation and accent.

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Documentary filmmaker Charlie Siskel (nephew of Gene) has a new documentary set to be released in March that should earn him an Academy Award nomination, just as his work on “Finding Vivian Maier” did. Speaking to viewers at the Chicago...


The first trailer for the new Wolverine movie, simply titled ‘Logan’, is beginning to trend online so naturally I’m hopping on the bandwagon. I’m going with the international trailer since it’s slightly longer than the domestic and is a bit more stabby...


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Leaf Academy of Film & Television

Address : No 35-4th Lane, Angulana Station Road, Moratuwa(Rathmalana), Sri Lanka.

Telephone : +94 77 723 5431 / +94 11 432 5812

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